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    what is the SiS in an asus SiS 756 amd mobo?
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    The chipset.
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    It connects the processor to the card slots, memory (on most processors), and provides functions like LAN, On Board sound, USB, etc.

    AMD compatible chipset brands can be SIS, Nvidia, ULI, VIA and on older systems ATI even made it's own chipsets for a while.

    There are many different versions of each chipset brand. Which chipset determines what features you have available, what speed and type memory your MB supports, and what processors you can use.

    The SIS 765 supports PCI express cards, Athlon 64MB, etc. Since it's an AMD64 CPU the chipset does not have the memory interface (built into the AMD 64 CPUs). Read up on it if you are interested:
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    strictly speaking, the chipset on a64 boards handles the interface between the peripherals, since the memory controller in all K8 CPU's connects directly to the memory. (K8 CPU's include all socket 754, 939, and 940 CPU's, including Semprons, Athlon64, and FX)

    Chipset is responsible for IDE control, onboard sound, onboard video, onboard ethernet, among other things. Probably the most important job for K8 chipsets in the interface for graphics, like AGP or PCIe.

    SiS isn't really a top tier model, but it should get the job done.
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    SiS is the crap part of your PC to be breif. THe above posts explain in more detail.