Simcity3000 still a problem in Xp ????

Discussion in 'PC Gaming' started by soefkenijn, Feb 2, 2002.

  1. soefkenijn

    soefkenijn Guest

    I have win XP pro and simcity isn't working at all.
    It just don't start.
    Is there a patch for this?

    Nothing on Maxis or
  2. KLoWn

    KLoWn Guest

    It works on my system it is just SLOW as a 386 computer running windows 98 ;) ..

    Does anyone know a tweek to get it to run faster?
  3. Shamus MacNoob

    Shamus MacNoob Moderator Political User

    L'Ile Perrot Quebec

    I dont know what to tell you I have simcity3000 and it was not installed I read this post and stayed on-line installed it and ran it right away without any problems ........ it runs smoother and better than it did on Win98SE I never touched anything just installed and ran it sorry guys dont know whats wrong here ....... and I have a dinosauer of a puter Aptiva 400mhz....with ATI crappy 8mb video card (soon to be changed) thats my mext purchase.......... good luck with that problem:cool:
  4. soefkenijn

    soefkenijn Guest

    The only way I can Think of right now is to install Win ME back and make a dual boot whit XP.
    It's the only way to play my favorite game.

    I found nothing to solve the problem.
  5. Laurens

    Laurens Guest

    Hi Ya'll,

    I know this sounds rather dumd but have you ever tried XP without serious tweaking??? First month that I used it I installed everything and tested it on the speeds, all was OK. After I started tweaking alot of games wouldn't load anymore or they became slow as hell. Especially with the services things can go wrong, I'm only using Tweak UI and a few register hacks.

    BTW: I'm playing SC3K World Edition and never had any problems
  6. chisoxguy

    chisoxguy Guest

    sc3000 & XP

    I am running p2 450 w/ 256mb and I am having problems as well running sc3000. I am getting the launcher screen and when I click on install, the install shield goes to 99% and craps out. If anyone has an idea why, please help. If I have to go back to ME that would really suck.