signal out of range?

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by mooo, Feb 9, 2004.

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    I tried to just turn on a box, and it would just become a black screen when trying to load windows. So i decided to format thinking windows was messed up. It had formated the hard drive and what not, then on the 2k install it just goes black and the monitor says "signal out of range" 27.8khz 62.0Hz"
    any idea what this means and how to fix it?
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    that is saying that, basically, the refresh rate is too slow and the monitor can display something that slowly. as far as fixing that on install, good question,
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    The monitor may not be able to handle all refresh rates. 62 is non standard. They go 60,65,70,75,85. Some video cards and monitors can do in between numbers (62,72, etc.). The Windows install runs 640x480 60 Hz. When Windows loads the drivers it goes to 800x600 60 Hz usually. Or whatever it detects as acceptable

    If the box has on board video you're hosed unless you can find a more versatile monitor. You could try a CMOS Reset. Not sure what on board video setup looks like. Check in the bios.

    What is bizarre is you should not get a 62 Hz refresh rate as a default after a clean install. Did someone maybe flash the video bios?

    Also, try another video card in it if you have one.

    Oh yeah and what kind of monitor. Flat Panel can only do limited settings.
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    My flat panel an do a whole wide variety or weird res/hz but it cant show it correctly, this is also what tends to happen with most LCDs.

    Also, 640x480 at 60hz is 31.3khz, so it must be trying to display some wierd res, which leans towards an issue with the video card.