Shutting Down instead of Restarting

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by daleholden, Jun 21, 2002.

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    Hi All

    Every time Restart is selected the computer goes into shutting down mode not restart mode. It only partly shuts down as well leaving the power on but the screen turns off.

    You can hear the CD being accessed but as it does the system hangs and the screen closes down.

    Also when I switch users this takes a long time compared to before.

    Shut down works fine no problems with that.

    All very strange, any of you people any ideas PLEASE
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    Got Roxio Easy CD Creator 5 installed? If so, that's almost certainly your problem. Get the patch... if not, ignore me. :-D
  3. I have easy cd creator 5 platinum with the XP update from roxio and I'm experiencing the same thing sorta. !@#$ PC locks up going into standby which it can't and shutting down.
    I'm going to check roxio's website right now to see if there is an extended patch for XP....nope, same thing I downloaded and still causing it to do that, what's up?
  4. daleholden

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    No i have not got that fitted but thanks.