shutting down all programes for games

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by vanguard-ace, Jan 27, 2002.

  1. vanguard-ace

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    first of all hi to you all my first post.

    ok the problem is i used to be able in me to run msconfig and shut all my progs down to allow quicker gaming but in xp its the task manager. i dont know what i can take off safely can anyone please tell me what i should have left in this manager to allow the quickest setup for games
  2. DrX

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    You can turn off anything in your systray

    Grab this

    install it , go to control panel and select "Classic view"

    then click on the applet called startup... there you can see all the programs running

    its really good

    also msconfig does work in XP
  3. vanguard-ace

    vanguard-ace Guest

    thanks man
    p.s. msconfig doesnt seem to work for me
  4. vanguard-ace

    vanguard-ace Guest

    oh it did work strange.
    trouble is i dont know what is safe and what isnt to turn off for games
  5. max

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    You can turn OFF all the stuff in your SYStray (next to the clock)

    The only thing i have running is Norton Antivirus , and i disable that before a game

    msconfig doesnt work for me either :(

    But You will love StartUPCPL

    its a fantastic app .... but you do need to swtch control panel to classic view to see the applet to use it