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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Dreamss, Mar 4, 2002.

  1. Dreamss

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    I have been trying to shut down the messenger service for a while now. I took it out of the start menu and still it returns. I dont remember where but i believe I even took it out of msconfig somewhere, but still it returns
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    In msconfig untick it on the startup tab and on the services tab. If you don't use it or want to use it, uninstall it.
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    I should have said how to uninstall Messenger, shouldn't I?

    Go to Drive root/Windows/INF and locate the file SYSOC.INF. Double click the file to open it in Notepad. In the "Components" section, you will see:


    Remove the "hide" part so that it looks like:


    Save the changes and exit. Take a backup of the original SYSOC.INF, just in case.

    Now go to Add/Remove Programs in the Control Panel, click, Add/Remove Windows Components, when the list is populated, scroll down and untick "Windows Messenger".
  4. Dreamss

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    Thanks Tope, I went ahead and uninstalled it. You not only helped me but another( a friend of mine ) with the same problem.
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    Glad to help, Dreamss. Two happy punters at once. ;) :D
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    You could also "disallow" it to run on your machine by using the group policy editor. Go to start-run then gpedit.msc . You will find all kinds of cool things to play with in there. But when disabled it will not start at all. I didnt want to unistall it because it is the fastest way to use the PC to PC feature, which is cool if your always helping family or friends.