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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by agnihot3, Jun 24, 2002.

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    With Win98SE on my old machine I had the possibility of shutting down the machine by these keystrokes (I'm a keyboard user most of the time) Winkey+UpArrow+Enter+Enter or Winkey+U+Enter. The machine was sensible enough to remember what I selected last time (ie among standby, shutdown, reboot etc) and shutdown. In XP however I find that Winkey+U brings up the shutdown options alright but I have everytime to hit the RightArrow to select Shutdown, or move the mouse around. Why doesn't it remember my previous selection? Any suggestions? Thanks in advance
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    It might just be specific to my computer but I can shut down Windows XP by simply pressing the power button on my tower case, XP automatically launches the shutdown procedure.

    Just give the button one press, do not hold the button in to force shutdown.
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    Thanks all. That was useful, though I still don't understand why Microsoft has changed a lot of default settings...