Shut Down Error_ PLEASE HELP

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  1. When I shut down my PC I get the following error:
    I have updated my BIOS and just cant get rid of this error. can anyone Please help. I noticed that in the bios all my IRQ's are the same except IRQ5 which is set to ISA/EISA and so I tried changing this but still no joy :-(). the Stop error for anyone who knows these things is:

    0*0000000A (0*0000020C, 0*000000FF, 0*00000000,0*804E9D48)
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    Make sure your drivers are up to date. What is your comuter specs? This may help. This error usually means that a driver or device has gone haywire. It could also be caused by overheating, but I doubt that unless your overclocking.

    Get back with the info, and we'll try to help...

  4. Spec

    thanks max them reads let me understand whats going on, just need to ID the problem now :)

    My PC spec is Windows XP pro - P111 1Ghz- 60G main Drive - 40G Slave Drive - Geforce2 Ti pro - Creative Audogiy sound - 768MB Ram. other cards are WinTV Pci - 4port USB PCi card - Modem - and 10/100 ethernet connected to cable modem. thats about it I think.