shut down and free space problems

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Hilander, Nov 8, 2002.

  1. Hilander

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    Two seperate problems that have me pulling out what's left of my hair:
    1)When I do a reboot/shut down it goes to the welcome screen and just sits there for 2-3 minutes and does the reboot or shut down. I haven't changed anything not recall installing any programs that could cause this. The event log doesn't show anything of use. This has only started recently but what would be causing this?

    2) I have one HD with 2 partitions:
    C: 12.5 gig which has the OS and all programs
    D: 25 gig which I use for storage of ausio and video files.
    The D: partition is the one giving me the problem. It shows that it only has 7 gig free and 18.5 gig used. But when I check each subdirectory and add then up I come up with only 12 gig used.
    So where is the other 6.5 gigs? That's quite a bit to lose. I even shut off System Restore for the D: partition thinking that maybe that would be the problem. No such luck

    Any ideas suggestions would be appreciated
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    1/ Go here & have a look.

    2/ ???
  3. Hilander

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    Thanks for the link: thought I had something there for a minute as the 'clear virtural memory on shutdown was enabled (how I have no idea but I think it has to do with SP 1) but no change.
    I did notice a strange occurrance in the event log. Ther is a new entry after everything else has shut down and about 3 minutes let it records this entry:
    Event Type: Information
    Event Source: EventLog
    Event Category: None
    Event ID: 6009
    Date: 08-Nov-02
    Time: 0:12:25
    User: N/A
    Computer: DXN5701
    Microsoft (R) Windows (R) 5.01. 2600 Service Pack 1 Uniprocessor Free.

    For more information, see Help and Support Center at

    I don't know what that is but as usual the MS help is anything but.
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    thas normal. it jus means the comp has been turned on:D
  5. yoyo

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    The clear pagefile at shutdown was the first I did think of, when I read your post. Did you restart your computer after changing the registry and try then? The change will perhaps have no effect on the first shutdown.
    To your second problem - you have propably 'show hidden files and folders' enabled? Don't have any real idea where the missing Gigabytes are, but perhaps try an application like TreeSize Professional or Folder Size Shell extensions to see if it can give you any hints.
    Btw if you really have only audio and video files on your D partition you can leave systemrestore disabled, because it doesn't monitor these kind of files anyway.
  6. 2z

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    it is possible for system restore to store backup files from C to your D-drive even though its not selected

    the best you can do is either
    reduce the size of system restore (which will reduce the amount of restore points available) or
    use a drive image program & backup to CDs'

    this is my favourite program for checking out the size of files on the drive

    SequoiaView (freeware)

  7. Hilander

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    Thanks all for the suggestions and links:
    Love that SequoiaView:would be really something while under the influence;)
    And that Tree Professional was what I was looking for to check for waste:unfortunately there wasn't any, so I guess I'll have to live with it till I can back up the files on CDR.
    Since I don't shutdown/reboot often it's hard to remember when it started, but I know it was after I installed SP1 and new video drivers, so I guess I'll try uninstall and see what happens.