[Show Review] Eddie Izzard - Stripped

Discussion in 'Green Room' started by Sazar, Jun 8, 2008.

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    I went to watch Eddie Izzard today at the Paramount in downtown Austin. We had orchestra seats, about 5 rows back from the front, seated in the center and we were rocking :D

    When he walked out, the response was THUNDEROUS. The Paramount may not be as big as some places but the acoustics are excellent.

    Eddie received several standing ovations and while he didn't dress in drag, he did have his usual repertoire of ad-libbed jokes and some material references historical personalities, religion, current state of affairs and a whole section on wikipedia :D

    Hell, he even brought out his iPhone and wiki'd Jam in the middle of the show and that was just brilliant coz while he was doing it, he was keeping on with the flow. What a guy :D

    We met with him after the show too and he was brilliant, answering some questions and such with about 20 of us :)

    5/5 OSNN stars.

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    I was at his Minneapolis show a few weeks back. Loved the show, loved the Q&A afterwards, still wished he would have signed stuff like he did after Sexie a few years back. But oh well, can't win em all.