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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Phantom_24, May 11, 2002.

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    XP is able to read/write in both NTFS/Fat32 quite nicely ! The one benefit though with NTFS is that it's a MUCH MORE stable system for files !! I've lost power once or twice during storms and this baby is still ticking away without data loss !! So if you gonna have other partitions other than C: drive....say D and E, you should be fine with Win 9x seeing them just fine, but if you have XP as NTFS....Win 9x won't see it at all.

    Good luck !

    You also may want to look into Partition Magic of the best partition managers out there for adjusting both NTFS and Fat32 partitions. Though XP does have a nicer disk manager than where near as nice as PM 7.
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    Hi there... If you want to dual boot with Win98 you first should be aware that only WinXP can read the NTFS partition, but this can be an advantage too. NTFS is faster on huge drives 20+ GB and also file corruption appears a lot less than on FAT32 drives which are actually the slowest.

    If you want to use Boot Magic as boot manager make sure that your first partition on your boot hdd (it must be set active) is not the NTFS partition or boot magic will not work. But I anyway suggest that you use the WinXP boot manager just install Win98 on one partition and then WinXP into antoher one and the boot manager of XP will show both systems.

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    Proletariat here. I messed up my profile :rolleyes: & now I can't use it. Darn.
    Anyway thanks for the replies. I now have got a clearer picture of where I want to go.