Short Cuts In Task Bar & Start Menu

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by aletank, May 11, 2002.

  1. aletank

    aletank Guest

    I done a fresh install of XP yesterday so i'm just gettin straight again !!

    Could someone tell me how to put a short cut for Outlook Express in the Task Bar next to the Start Menu, I have short cuts there already for Internet Explorer and the Desk Top.

    Also after my install yesterday i had a short cut in the Start Menu for Windows Update but today it's gone, Could someone tell me how to get one back there too.

    Many Thanks for any replys
  2. aletank

    aletank Guest

    I've put the link in the Task Bar for Outlook Express, Any Ideas on puttin the Windows Update link back in the Start Menu.
  3. Tbird94sc

    Tbird94sc Guest

    make a shortcut ot this file:

  4. aletank

    aletank Guest

    Thanks bud, just done it and pinned to Start menu

    Both solved

    Thanks guys
  5. Tbird94sc

    Tbird94sc Guest