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Discussion in 'Green Room' started by mlakrid, Jun 5, 2006.

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    Ok guys, I need some help...

    Many of you know I am getting married... I am having my wedding on the beach in St Pete at the Trade Winds Island Grand Resort.

    We want it to be comfortabel and fun for all involved and I have decided that all the men will wear long-sleeve Mexican wedding shirts... more commonly known as guayaberra shirts...

    Almost all the ones I have found have been either:

    A) cheaply made or dont look good ...or ...
    B) Very nice but very expensive...

    I am looking for the middle ground...

    Somewhere on the $45-60 range to include shipping!

    I will rep, re-rep, and then re-re-re-rep, anyone who can help me fidn the shirt I will use for the wedding...

    I am still deployed in Qatar and it would be nice to find a suitable substitute rather than to have them all designed and maufactured here...
    (solely because of the time it will take to get everyone of the mens measurments in the wedding party)


    Thanks ALL!!

    Mike A!
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    FL, USA
    mike do you want a local floridian suppliers or one from Qatar?

    I wondered why you never replied to my text messages :)
  3. mlakrid

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    Where did you text me at?

    Err what number?

    Pm Me..

    EDIT: also, I dont care where the supplier is, I need to get a shirt ordered ASAP to see if I evebn like it, and then order for everyone in the wedding..

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  4. mlakrid

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    Anyone? I need help on this one I can not reach many sites in the U.S.

    Please help!

    Tampa, FL
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    New York
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