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  1. Hey

    Im trying to change the Log Off and Please Wait dialogs in shell32.dll.

    I imported all the bmps and Im done with that part. All I have to do now is change the size, buttons... of the dialog.

    I went to dialog resource #1089 and changed all the sizes, locations... so it fits the bmps but I have 2 problems:

    1. I cant get rid of the windows flag. I deleted the line for it in #1089 and also tried replacing the bmp with another one using the magic pink color but IT JUST WONT GO AWAY.

    2. In the original Windows log off and please wait dialogs, it had the actuall words in big white font. I have no idea how to change it. I tried through setting the font in #1089 but it only changes the font on the buttons. Im pretty sure there is another file somewhere telling windows to do this.

    So basically, now I have the buttons, bmps... in place except for the windows flag and those big "Please Wait" and "Log Off Windows" in my dialogs.

    Anyone know how to solve any of these two or both?

    Thanks in advance.

    PS, I hope you understand what I just said :p
  2. F*ck, can a mod please move this to the Tweaks section? I think Im gonna get more help there.


    *You're welcome* :cool:

  3. Anyone? Someone has to know how to do this.
  4. sboulema

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    sorry cant help ya, i dont know anything of shell32.dll stuff :(
  5. dave holbon

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    What language are you using to call the API’s from within shell32.dll, is it VB6 or C++?

    You can make changes to the dialogue boxes and forms and icons and associations etc, from here but not to other things where you would need to recompile the dll.

    The log-off screen can be customised without recourse to shell32.dll. System dialogue boxes can be made to look different but only within the scope defined by MS.

    Or have I misunderstood the question?

  6. No, Im not using C++ or anything, I dont even know those languages.

    Im using ResHack to change bmps and the code for each dialog.
  7. dave holbon

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    I don’t advise using utilities like this to (what amounts to) hacking into basic system function as they can have unexpected and disastrous results, however this link might help: -

    I had no idea what this did or is supposed to do so go here for an explanation as I did: -

    This utility was originally developed using Delphi 3.02.

    Don’t recommend it to any serious programmer though as it’s a resource hacker and poss instability generator.

    Is this allowed here?

    :) :) :)