sharing resources in winXP / Win98

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Learning, Apr 3, 2002.

  1. Learning

    Learning Guest

    I have a home network with one WinXP Pro machine and one Win98SE machine.

    From my WinXP Pro machine I try to access my C drive on my Win98 machine I am asked for a password. I enter the password but WinXP does not do anything, I cannot get into my win98 C drive.


    Anyone can help?
  2. sphere

    sphere Guest

    Go to the C drive on the WIN98 machine, right click on the drive and go to Sharing...

    Then check the option which allows Full Access to the drive without a password.

    You may have done this already, but if not, there you go ;)
  3. Learning

    Learning Guest

    But I want the password........
  4. sphere

    sphere Guest

    does it work fine without the password?
  5. Learning

    Learning Guest

    Yes it works fine. But I still want a Password. Stubborn aren’t I ?

    There must be a way for WinXP to work with security witn Win98SE. There has to be a way, and I'll find it.

    thank you