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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by djchapple, Nov 12, 2002.

  1. djchapple

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    I have set up my two computers, both running XP Pro as a small network in the "normal" manner.

    The Gateway computer has two Ethernet cards, one for the broadband connection and th other to talk to my second computer. This computer happily connects to the Internet and to the second computer.

    My second computer has one Ethernet card which allows it to talk to the Gateway computer.

    I have mapped everything on both computers. So far all works exactly as I hoped. (Amazing!)

    Now for the problem. How do I get the second computer to share the Internect connection on the Gateway computer?

    Do I need to install the NTL Broadjump software on it or what?

    Please help.

  2. Cairo

    Cairo Guest

    nope the broadjump sotware is just there to install usb drivers if your using a usb connection and also to connect you to the registration server

    if you have already regged the modem and are using ethernet to connect you dont need the cd ( in fact trying to run the CD will probably mess your connection up )
  3. acstua

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    Use the XP Internet Connection Sharing wizard, that will sort it
  4. djchapple

    djchapple OSNN Addict

    many thanks for both replies.

    OK so I do not need any extra setting up. Now I am sitting in front of the second computer (not the gateway). What do I actually type/click-on extra to being up shared Internet connection.

    If I load Iexplorer6 it tries tells me i am off line and then brings up my old 56K internet connection?

  5. Cairo

    Cairo Guest

    open explorer cancel the dial up .. goto tools internet options and connections

    set the bullet hole under the dial up connections to never dial a connection ... should stop the dial up box
  6. djchapple

    djchapple OSNN Addict

    Thanks Cairo - I have done that and I no longer get bothered by the dial-up attempt.

    however it still does not find the shared connection.

    My Gateway computer is set up for shared internet.

    Control Panel
    Network connections
    Local Area connections
    Checked = "Allow other network users to connect through this computer's Internet connection"
    checked = msmsgs (192.......) TCP
    checked = msmsgs (192.......) UDP

    The second computer.

    Control panel

    Network connections
    Local Area connection 3
    checked = File and printer sharing
    checked = Qos
    checked = TCP/IP

    Local Area connection on "gateway computer"
    Connect to internet on "gateway computer"

    Any ideas as To how i leap the final hurdle.

    Many thanks for all the very valuable help in the past from members of this forum and for all future help.
  7. jonocainuk

    jonocainuk Guest

    use static ip addressing... (subnet on the main pc (the one with 2 NICs in) (subnet on the client pc - also setting the internet gateway as and also primary DNS as

    go to advanced after typing those addresses in and go to the tab called "WINS" and select "Enable netbios over TCP/IP"

    works fine :)
  8. djchapple

    djchapple OSNN Addict

    I have, at last, sorted out the problem - Zone Alarm pro was blocking the internet access from the client computer. I had to set up the home network as as trusted network.

    many thanks for all your help. This is a great Forum.