Sexual harassment

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    Everyday a woman went to work, a man walked up to her, smelled her hair and said,"Your hair smells so nice!"

    This went on for about a week until she finally had enough and filed a complaint against the man for sexual harassment. She told them about the man and how he smelled her hair every morning.

    They said, "How can that be sexual harassment? He is just complimenting you on the smell of your hair!"

    The woman replied,"But he's a midget!!"
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    Dove shampoo smells very nice, sure she must have used soap instead.
  3. gonaads

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    a midget... HAH! :p

    Is it his fault that all he can smell on her is down there? He's a frickin midget. :p
  4. Lee

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    A bonfied Midget toboot!
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    I do that cept i aint a midget :p