Severe problems with XP crash-athon....PLEASE HELP!!

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by neo090282, Jul 8, 2003.

  1. neo090282

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    Right I will try and explain this as best i can, ask more questions if you need to.............anyone with ay ideas please share them......... has gotten to the point where my XP crashes roughly 50% of the time when i restart or after a shutdown. It seems to loose some start up files and the same ones all the time...

    Before it gets to the splash screen of XP loading and everything it stops and says c:\windows\system32\ file missing or whatever.

    It is usually ntrsk.exe (not sure thats the right name) and lst night it was "hal.dll". But is so starnge it happends so often, I think others too!

    I have XP on a 6gig NTFS that has been repeatedly checked and another 80gig NTFS for games and files etc. checked also.

    I have scanned for viruses repeatedly with pc-cillin, came with computer and have updated this and nothing has been found.

    I am really at a loss, I have got hold of memtest3? or something and from what i can see it has found no errors??

    If i could find so diagnostic software or something, I dont know, but it is really getting beyond a joke. The PC was only concieved in February!!!

    Please anyone?!?!?!?:confused:
  2. sboulema

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    hmm sounds like missing sytsemfiles. get your xp cd and run this command sfc /scannow. it will check for the systemsfiles and replace damaged or missing files. else i think this is a good time for a format...

  3. neo090282

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    Hey a reply...well I have done that numrous times, but what i really want to do is stop it happening.

    It happens near enough every week or more and want to know what the root of the problem could be?

    I have formatted everytime i re-install XP?

    Will try the sfc /scannow

  4. neo090282

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    It just crashed , so want to try the sfc command.

    Put in my XP cd and ran repair console, but there is no sfc command?

    Any ideas, cos it would be great if I could replace the missing system files??
  5. zyfos

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    sfc /scannow can be used from the command prompt while running XP. The XP CD is needed incase it asks for any files. However, I agree with sboulema. If you can't find a fix for this, I suggest backing up anything you need to that 80 GB drive and then reformatting your 6 GB system drive.
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    i would run the powermax tool from the Maxtor website to test and repair the hard drive. its got me out a few bad shutdowns before. Powermax
  7. phishhead

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    go to start run and type sfc /scannow...if that does not work boot with the xp cd and run a repair install.
  8. cpu_jockey

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    May be defective memory. Try removing all but one stick if you can and try each one separately. Although it does appear to be software.

    Another thought - are you sure you are virus and trojan free? Some of the nasty ones can prevent boot up and they have a way of coming back if not cleaned completely.