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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by brocher, Oct 24, 2002.

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    I am thinking about setting up a server at home but at the moment i am using an ISDN line which disconnects after a 2 hour period, what would be the best way to set this up and what kind of software would i need.I am new to this server stuff apart from being a user at work.
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    depends what you wanna us eit for.
    If its just to share connection over LAN then you just need a bog standard box to run Smoothwall on, i dunno much bout that thou, never used it ;)

    IF u wanna run ftp servers and actually use it for summet good aswell, then depending on what OS u wanna slap on, ull need a better spec.

    NT4 can run quite happily on a 400mhz cpu + 128 if its just light stuff :) but if you have hundreds of users :p (unlikly) then u need more cpu stuff.

    I run my server on (see sig) and it runs fine. I run FTP, MS Proxy, Shoutcast etc etc. All works fine and dandy :)

    If u use Win2k Pro/Server then just use the internet connection sharing software on there, that works fine :) - if u wanna go bit more technical then use summet else, like MSProxy :) which is good :D

    As for your connection - i think u shud be able to get it to redial when disconnected :)

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    Server Info..

    Ya.. i have a copy of:

    2000 Server
    2000 Advanced Server
    Exchange Server
    .Net Server (currently running on home server)
    Solaris 8 (intel)
    Redhat 8.0

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    Sory mr mod..

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