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    Im going to go and disable all the services that I dont need to free up some mem and possibly make it faster... what services can I safely turn off? I want all the services I dont use to be turned off... anyone know what I can turn off and what I need to keep on?
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    help and support
    messenger (has nothing to do with MSNM)
    portable media serial number
    TCP/IP NetBIOS Helper
    Error Reporting Service (after all, does MS care?)

    I am sure there are more, I am just too lazy to open it up and look. =)
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    Here you go
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    I love Small brown text!!! :(

    There was a guide on the old site... i'm not sure if its there now.. try and look for it ;)
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    let me set everybody straight...the only thing you are going to improve is the boot.

    XP will release the ram you need from the services that are not in use when you need it...if the service is not in use, the ram is available, if the service is in use, you should not be disabling it.

    this does not mean I'm against setting to manual the services YOU KNOW you don't workstation, and all means disable the services YOU KNOW you don't use.

    your boot time will improve...but that's the only real benefit...speeding the

    here's a perfect example of what I'm talking about...suppose someone told me turning off indexing would speed me up...I turned it off, and perhaps I noticed a marginal improvement in computing...maybe so, however, when I do a search, indexing speeds me by minutes each and every search...minutes wasted in searches, verses nansecinds in closeing an application...hmmm...obviously, for me, turning off indexing will slow me down, not speed me up.

    mostly, if you want to exoeriment with services, set to manual, rahter then dissable...but this all goes to learning about your box, so please feel free to experiment, with care.
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    also if u disable a service that cuts your connectivity and forgot which one.....just set um all to automatic and start over
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    Thank you all for your help..
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    just read my post...this is so obvious...

    you can be slowing yourself down, and you would never know it, and never have the oportunity to have it realized...

    the case in point is the indexing...

    clearly a superb slow down for anyone that knows how to refine their search,,,yet most people think not having it speeds them up...ha..if it speeds them up, then they don't do many searches.


    so many people have desktops that they think they've sped up...processor speeds twice my laptop, as it clocks down when I'm on batteries...they are amaxed that my little box outoerforms theirs at the same tasks.

    I'ts then very hard to figure out exactly what they did to slow themselfs down, as it's comulative.
    a little here, a little there, and boom...big slow downs.

    that's all I'm saying..go ahead and experiment, but make sure you know you don't use the service you turn off
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    disabled all unnecessary services...never slowed me down...only got zippier:D

    not saying it applies to everyone as everyones setup is different.....but it sure dont apply to me

    good luck:)
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    Here's the one that I disabled on my computer....always backup before doing anything and the services that are disabled on my computer are for "MY COMPUTER" so it doesn't mean that they can all apply to you :D

    Automatic Updates
    Background Intelligent Transfer Service
    COM+ Event System
    COM+ System Application
    Distributed Link Tracking Client
    Distributed Transaction Coordinator
    Error Reporting Service
    Human Interface Device Access
    IMAPI CD Burning COM Service
    Indexing Service
    Interactive Logon
    Internet Connection Sharing (ICS)
    IPSEC Services
    Logical Disk Manager
    Logical Disk Manager Administrative Service
    MS Software Shadow Copy Provider
    Net Logon
    Netmeeting Remote Desktop Sharing
    Network DDE
    Performance Logs And Alerts
    Portable Media Serial Number
    QoS RSVP
    Remote Desktop Help Session Manager
    Remote Procedure Call (RPC)
    Remote procesure Call (RPC) Locator
    Remote Registry
    Removable Storage
    Routing And Remote Access
    Secondary Logon
    Security Account Manager
    Smart Card
    Smart Card Helper
    SSDP Discovery Service
    System Event Notification
    TCP/IP NetBios Helper
    Terminal Services
    Uninterrupted Power Supply
    Universal Plug And Play Device Host
    Upload Manager
    Volume Shadow Copy
    Windows Time
    Wireless Zero Configuration
    WMI Performance Adaptor

    That's what I disabled on my computer but other may need some of those services so it's up to you to see which ones you need or which ones you don't

    Hope this help

  12. yoyo

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    I really don't believe that you have disabled all these services. Here is what Blackviper (he disables about everything possible) writes about Remote Procedure Call (RPC):

    Remote Procedure Call (RPC) ~ This service is rather Vital. Just about everything depends on this service to be running. This is also the only service that you cannot disable via the Services MMC. Previously, if you disabled this service in Windows 2000, your computer would become unbootable. What I am trying to tell you is leave this service on Automatic and absolutely DO NOT disable it in msconfig.
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    I'm curious. Has anyone measured how much ram they get back from disabling a few services? What about the new speed of boot up.

    I find it difficult to believe that disabling a handfull of services can really make much difference to the performance of a system. And if it does than surly theres an argument for the fact that the system in question should perhaps have a bit more ram, its almost as cheep as chips these days.
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    you must be one rich guy:)

    200 bucks for ram not cheep for me:(
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    If you are running StyleXP, the service for it uses approx. 14MB of RAM. Disable that service and you will also notice a pickup because you are allowing XP to do the work, and not another third party program. =)
  16. Perris Calderon

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    you see, good question, and I know you asked it rhetorically, but I'l l make your point for you.

    you get no practical benefit of extra ram.

    if a service is started, and not being used, the ram is available immediately for use, it will be no faster having it relased, as having it ready to be released by xp.

    if the service is started, and the ram is not available, well then the service is in use, and doing something for you, which will be slower if the service is turned off.

    so, the answer to your get no ram benefit by turning off services.

    my boot time improved by about 30 seconds, and that's a good reason to experiment with setting some to manual
  17. dustyputer

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    Remote Procedure Call (RPC) is not Disabled but Remote Procedure Call Locator is, it's my mistake if I wrote that is was Disabled. Everything else is Disabled as I mentionned earlier.

    Basically, before I disabled some Services I did a search to see what I really needed to keep and I remember that at one point the Remote Call Locator was disabled.

    I'm aware that it's different for everyone of us, we don't use our computers for the same purposes. I really have all those services disabled (except for RPC) and so far no problems at all.
  18. yoyo

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    I would suggest you better edit your post before someone may follow it. Here is another quote, this time from, a good source for information about services.

  19. dustyputer

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    Sorry yoyo but except for Remote Procedure Call (RPC) everything that I mentionned earlier in my posting is Disabled.

    I did verified there: for services and it is mentionned that RPC could be very important and it is also said that in Win 2000 by disabling this Service could create problems.

    Now if someone wants to follow everything that is said in any forums it's up to them. I made a mistake and rectified it later on but as always before disabling or tweaking anything it's always recommended to backup and get more informations about what you're about to do.

    I hope I did not create any problems for anybody, just trying to help like others here.
  20. Perris Calderon

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    black viper is the first to tell you that everything he posts is his opinion, and not fact...please do not consider his word gospel, it's far from 100% acurate