Service pack 1?

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by sic166mhz, Mar 18, 2002.

  1. sic166mhz

    sic166mhz Guest

    anybody knows when sp1 is to be released?
  2. Qumahlin

    Qumahlin Moderator

    last time I heard it wasn't till summer sometime, but all service packs are usually are the security rollups and it's also gonna include mira and freestyle which you won't be using anyway :p
  3. max

    max Guest

    All my stuff works great so im not really bothered about the XP SP1
  4. Speed4Ever

    Speed4Ever Guest

    Last I heard, August.
  5. Electronic Punk

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    Copenhagen, Denmark
    I don't think that Microsoft will rush the service pack, their operating systems tend to be pretty stable after the first official update packages.

    ps sic 166mhz, your sig scares me.
  6. MrW

    MrW Guest

    mmm... I thought that the Service Pack would be released around October.

    Windows 2000 SP-3 should be relieased around September :) , which includes well over 650 bug fixes :eek:
  7. nwilcox

    nwilcox Guest

    Unless you are running a cracked version of XP why not just go to the Windows Update???? Everthing that is on Windows Update will be i the Service Pack.
  8. Slickone

    Slickone Guest

    From what i understand, cracked versions do Windows Update just fine. No?
  9. MrW

    MrW Guest

    In the future MS is making all their service packs and hot fixes in a way where you won't be able to install on a cracked version of Windows XP.
  10. Slickone

    Slickone Guest

    Can you prove this?
  11. MrW

    MrW Guest

    I might not be able... sorry. I can look though my beta testing stuff, search KB and have a general look.
  12. open_source

    open_source Guest

    Windows 2000 SP-2 has been out for several months. Do you mean SP-3?

    (as far as the windows update on cracked versions. This was just a theory that was posted on a few tech sites. The other theory was that SP-1 would disable cracked versions from functioning. If you have materials that state otherwise I would be inteested in seeing them.)
  13. nwilcox

    nwilcox Guest

    Why not just buy a legel copy? OEM for $109 with purchase of a piece of hardware. To be honest, I am a OEM Microsoft System Builder would you like to buy a legal copy?????
  14. MrW

    MrW Guest

    Yeah I meant SP-3. Thanks for correcting
  15. surge

    surge OSNN Senior Addict

    i got a nice new legal OEM copy of winXP pro
    had to do some blagging to the staff at

    :D but iam never gonner pay what MS charge for a full retail copy.
  16. Jap03

    Jap03 Guest

    ...gonna have to agree with SURGE, the price Microsoft charges for their products, then you have to go to their site to get all the patches and updates from where their (for lack of a better word) code writers SCREWED UP. No I can't justify $100 for some half-done OS.

    What if you had to take your car to the shop each month to get it "patched or updated" would you pay $20000 for it??? I DON'T THINK SO ! I work for GM... I KNOW you wouldn't. How about anything else you buy?? If you have to take something back to get it PATCHED or UPDATED, most MAJOR companies would NOT be in business today!!!!!!!!!

    Sorry:( That one just doesn't fly.
  17. surge

    surge OSNN Senior Addict

    ok heres an update on windowsxp auto update
    you cant install up dates on winXP RC1 and RC2 for thoes like me that were beta testers for microsoft,
    up dates can still be done on "hacked/Cracked" copys of winxp Pro, i think that the SP1 wont install on these copys
    however , the SP1 for office XP Pro wont install on cracked copy's
    but there is a way around this :D but its not goign to be the same for winXP , so too all thoes that have a cracked copy of xp
    its tough luck
    ya gonner have to win the lotterey to get the £££ for a nice legal copy of XP or blag some oem distro to sell u the cheaper OEM Product :D

    BTW i dont indorse any bank,
    you can do that at your own risk ....
  18. gonaads

    gonaads Beware the G-Man Political User Folding Team

    Yeah right , and what about all the T.S.B.s (technical service bulletins) on alot of the G.M.s and I don't mean the Recalls. Quite afew of them are not covered under warranty and the customer has to pay for the damn thing. I work on Automobles for a living and it's the same crap just like any OS there is always bugs The only differance is in the automotive industry you have recalls when the sh#t is occuring too often and you get it done for free. But only because they have to. Otherwise they would not, they don't want to eat a large bill.
  19. gonaads

    gonaads Beware the G-Man Political User Folding Team

    Plus the mechanical working of an automobile is different than a computer's OS. unless your working on the computer control systems.But then on the new Cadillacs with their, what is it? a gazillion computers they got for everthing even the door. If one takes a dump how much do you think they're gonna cost you to replace once your out of warranty? You could buy a brand new computer system for your home for the price of one. Powertrain control module for a Cadillac 2001 is $900.00
  20. gonaads

    gonaads Beware the G-Man Political User Folding Team

    Yes, you do!!! It's call "Scheduled Maintenance" and every automobile has it. And if you don't do it things break!and if you don't do it your warranty is out the fu#$ing window. Yes, people do pay $20,000 for a car and have problems and sometimes they even get a LEMON!