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Discussion in 'PC Gaming' started by FourDiceS, Apr 3, 2002.

  1. FourDiceS

    FourDiceS Guest

    I was playing wolfenstein and I noticed that there's not alot of servers...(compared to counter strike)

    When you find a server the people suck (because they don't know what there supposed to do).

    I play in the MP mode (mp_depot, mp_assault, mp_ice)

    Anyone have a good rtcw server with good people that know
    how to play the game!?

    Good Gaming!!!

    - FourDiceS -
  2. TR!GG3R

    TR!GG3R Guest


    try blueyonder servers :D
  3. Resonance

    Resonance Guest

    I usually hop around alot. I really don't have a "favorite" but I look for people that I know and search them out.

    I don't know what server browser you are using, but I would like to suggest The all Seeing EYE .

    And a great place to go and ask people about server is Planet Wolfenstein .
  4. chadmercer

    chadmercer Guest

    That is pretty cool!:D