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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Jz1397-5, Jun 23, 2002.

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    Philadelphia PA
    I am going to build a server in the near future, here is what I was thinking:
    1GHz PIII
    Supermicro Super 370SSM Motherboard
    512MB PC-133
    GeForce2 400MX
    Integrated Wavetable Audio
    40GB Ultra ATA/66

    What would you all suggest for CPU, mobo, Case, ram and so forth, any picture?

    I will mainly be using this server for playing back DiviX movies and DVDs on my TV, along with being an extra gaming machine for an LAN parties that I should be hosting.

    Note: I do not want to sound like a snob, but my budget for my computer is large, so that is not a problem


    if ur into some heavy gaming.. and money is not a prob.. go with dual AMD's.. and a GF3 TI 500.. any creative sound card is good.. the case doesnt matter.. but i would find one that looks nice and has an intake and outake fan mounts.. for overclocking..512k of pc2700 is great.. but why not get 2 512 sticks of memory if u got the money? pIII;s are nice.. and stable.. but so are AMD's and cheaper.. and they perform just as well.. i would never go back to intel chips.. 60gb or 80gb harddrives.. one 60 and one 80 is good.. the 80 is for all your files like movies.. music.. games.. etc.. ATA 133 is the latest..


    oh Tyan makes dual AMD chip motherboards.. so any kind of dual amd Tyan motherboard with ATA 133 and that supports at least 1.5gb of DDR ram is great
  4. Jz1397-5

    Jz1397-5 XP Bad Ass

    Philadelphia PA
    I was thinking about going dual, and on a tyran board. looks good.
    Does anyone else have a home server, and if so, what are the specs?
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    It sounds like you want to build a workstation...
    Servers should be more stable than fast...
    The amount of software and tasks should be limited just for that purpose...

    My server runs:
    ICQ Groupware for the network, as well as ICQ for the net
    news,,, this one's new
    Unreal Tournament
    internet caching
    network virus scanning
    network defragging
    system backups for the network

    and is a Compaq7478 550mhz K6-2 with a Coolmaster Athlon HSF,,, 512k of ram, an ATI 8meg 3d Rage Pro video card, 8x Acer Cd-rom,,, no case just a chassis ,,, a 300w power supply and Windows2000 Advanced Server... I've often thought of upgrading it but it's stable and handles everthing it needs to at it's speed...

    I would recommend going with a MSI master board and putting as much ram as you can in it then setting it up with a ram drive,,, Dual 1.2mp processors,,, more than that and your gonna have to start worrying about cooling... Also an Antec server case... Since you have plenty of money get a good stable OS,,, Windows 2000 Server, Advanced Server or even Linux... Get at least 3 hard drives and a Promise SX6000 controller...

    Also put 2gigabit NICs to run that thing at it's max and a gigabit router so you don't have bottlenecks...
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