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  1. hi, i am a hardcore CSer & DODer (LOL) n-e-ways i just wanted to know if i could erase these folders since there is no uninstall menu, im not talkin bout the cstrike folder or the dod folder ima talkin about the other games that got installed when i install cs or dod or halflife, such as team fortress, and among others. I was wondering if i could just right click and delete the folder and still play cs and dod.
  2. if u erase the folder youll lose that modification. There is no uninstall for a reason. Its a modification rather than a game so it doesnt require an uninstalll but dont erase the folder.
    If you erase a folder for and program it wont work properly and stay away from that windows folder too
  3. so yes you can erase tfc dmc and what ever you dont want but nextime a update comes out it just installs it n e ways
  4. then i will erase that one and that one and the next one and the next one and etc. LOL when is 1.5 comin out
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    when you update.. you dont have to install the mod... just uncheck it on the install screen,,, duh..... i doubt 1.5 will come out... im thinkin condition zero will be out before that ( release date not specified this summer)