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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by AnD, Dec 30, 2001.

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    I have a network with 2 PC's on one is XP installed and the other win98 se.

    My problem is, if I want to set the XP computer on stand-by he will be preparing himself to go in stand-by modus and then the computer will freezes. nothing works I can't move my mouse and I'm forced to reset the computer.

    But if I have reseted the computer. I have no internet connection (cable) and the network is not working. And if I look to the network cards the lights are not giving light and normaly the network card where the cable from the internet connection is plugged in is lighting always ( when the pc power is on ).

    Who can explain this and what can I do? how can I configure my computer that I have Wake-Up lan so that I never must power on the host ( XP PC ).
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    could be bad drivers
    is your network card firmly in?
    has xp detected and installed it?
    i guess something is not switching off
    check the network cards properties that you are letting it sleep when you standby the machine

    as for the wakeup bit
    im not sure myself ... i want to do that to
    wake up the client machines with the host
    from what ive heard, you have to use a app called 'magic packet' which sends packets to the turned off machine and wakes it up
    i did try it but didnt work.
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    Wake-On-LAN (WOL) must be supported by both your motherboard and NIC card. There would be a small, three wire cable that came with youe NIC which connects one end to your NIC and one end to your motherboard. You can't do WOL just with a NIC stuck in a PCI slot. Both the mobo and NIC must support it, and the three wire WOL cable must be connected.

    Only if the WOL cable is conected correctly and both the NIC and mobo support WOL, open your NIC in the device manager. Go to the "Power Managemant" tab. Check the "Allow The Comptuer To Turn Off This Device To Save Power" and "Allow THis Device To Bring The Computer Out Of Standby"

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    All the drivers are correclty installed and the network cards are working fine it is probably XP.

    You don't need a wire to connect your network card (realtek) to your motherbord because my motherbord is 1 month old and in the manuel from my network card is standing that it will work without a wire it works with the motherbord true the PCI slot.

    If you not believe me go to the website.
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    AnD that may be true of some network adapters, but not all. Leaving the cable out is an easy and sure-fire way of disabling WOL if you're in a business environment and don't want people waking up computers who shouldn't be.

    If your computer is hanging in standby, it is most likely an incompatible driver somewhere. Not all hardware is capable of going in to stand-by mode, and if something is not capable of that and is sent to stand-by, the system may hang. My laptop can not hibernate or stand-by, and when I accidently close the lid while it's on, it tries to stand-by and locks up instantly.

    If that is the case, you're SOL. I generally advise the gateway machine just be left on. If the client is used more than the gateway, make the client the gateway and vice versa so leaving one computer on all the time is not so much of a waste. Wake on LAN is kind of overkill for a small home 2-PC LAN.
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    Ok I will do what you say