Serial to USB - anyone else doing this?

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by Mainframeguy, Feb 3, 2009.

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    Seeing the USB to HDMI device reminded me - I have access to a couple of old laser (HP 4L) printers and they have no USB, only parallel. I'm just wondering if using a cable like these works as a way to re-use these printers? If I remember rightly the HP 4L would appear in the standard printers offered by XP - not sure if this holds true for VISTA and seven.

    Is anyone else in a similar situation to me, with no cash but access to stuff like this, and using this sort of setup?
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    Have not tried in vista but I used a 4l this way in xp for years.
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    I had to set up a vista desktop which was using a USB to printer serial on a old HP laser printer. It did not have Vista drivers included only for XP,

    after trial and error for about 20 mins, Vista finally noticed the USB virtual printer port and it worked. I found out it would only work after 2 reboots with the printer on.

    if you have a newer printer you should be ok. I don't remember the brand I used