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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by TechSupport, Dec 31, 2002.

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    is it possible to set a shortcut up so you can send to a particular email address automatically? I realise you still perhaps need to press "Send" in the email box and "Send/Receive" (if auto sending is off), but is it possible for the "To:" box to be filled in already??

    edit: i can send stuff to notepad and to certain folders... just not to a specified email address. ive tried making a shortcut to (for example) and then linking to it by another shortcut in the sendto folder... that didnt work either :/
  2. allan

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    You don't need to link it. Just create the shortcut you want and drag & drop it to the sendto folder.
  3. davmail

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    :eek: Sorry, don''t work! Says cannot find :send!Any other way???Cheers.I do have 'send to' as a right click option, but I appear not to have a 'Send to' folder?????Oh dear.It is in' Documents and settings/user'. NOT in the Windows folder.
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    Send to

    :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool:
    Open windows explorer go to the windows folder, find the SendTo folder & right click the sendTo folder and create shortcut, then cut & paste that into the sendTo folder. now u have sendTo in the right click menu, Copy any shortcut you want to use to the desktop, then right click choose sendto / sendto, and shorcut disappears off the desktop as if by magic and into the right click sendto menu.
    Repeat process until happy...............

    hope u find this usefull :cool: :cool:
  5. allan

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    1) You do have a SendTo folder
    2) If you are using XP it is not in your Windows folder
    3) It is probably in Docs & Settings / Username. Simple way to find it is with Search.
  6. jonocainuk

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    lo - I tried doing that (creating a shortcut to "" in sendto folder) and when I went to "sendto", there was no email shortcut there that I had jus created :/

    thats kinda why I asked for some assistance :)
  7. allan

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    You might have more than one SendTo Folder (don't ask, it's an XP thing), but only one counts. If you put a shortcut in the correct SendTo folder it will appear in the send to item in the context menu - it has no choice :)

    Try doing a search on the HD for SendTo
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    I put a shortcut for a folder into the sendto folder and it worked... but i put a shortcut to an email address and it didnt even display in the folder... i tried it in the "sendto" folder for the actual user I was logged on with, and also in the "Default User\sendto" folder with both giving me the same results :(

    do u think its an xp thing as to why it wont work at all? perhaps I need to make the shortcut in a different way?