Self-Hibernating PC

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by phixsius, Apr 13, 2002.

  1. phixsius

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    My PC is a bit freaky!!...ok..this is wat happenes...

    When my PC resumes fully to desktop...(so far i've onli had this problem when i hibernate...coz i don't often shutdown,since discovering it)....if i don't type or use my keyboard or even click or move my short,when i start up the pc, i go do something else then come back...just to find out it off/shutdown...this is within a matter of less than 5 minutes..

    my configurations to power option is never,never, its shouldn't screen saver's is even set to never...

    can someone help me out please, far i've asked my one has encountered this prob...

    p/s:eek:ne more: my mouse run up or down the screen itself...nne explaination?
  2. allan

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    Hibernate causes problems - as you've found out. Instead of using hibernate I suggest you just set you display and hard drive to power down after a set period of inactivity. I guaranty you and your system will be much happier.
  3. Mr-Q

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    Being a bit nerdy.. but why ever hibernate or shutdown a PC?
    I mean, dosn't it harm the electrons to be at a standstill? LOL
  4. allan

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    Nope - lots of folks never shut down. But it does make sense to let those parts that will wear out over time have a rest. Thus the suggestion to power down the display and hd.