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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Lee, Mar 7, 2004.

  1. Lee

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    Well saw this at Symantec. Not sure if it has been posted here ever! Download link if you don't want to view whole page.

    Welcome to DeepSight Analyzer for Symantec's personal internet security products. This web page will introduce you to the DeepSight Analyzer service, and guide you through the installation process if you are a user of the Norton Internet Security 2003, or Norton Personal Firewall 2003 products.
    DeepSight Analyzer allows you to track and report on events that are being observed by your personal security products. Your security events are automatically submitted to Symantec by a software program called DeepSight Extractor. Once submitted, your security events join those of thousands of other individuals, and allow Symantec to see wide-spread attack activity on the Internet.
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    Shame that I migrated my systems over to McAfee Internet Security 5. Users have a better control over popups from each individual website.
  3. Lee

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    It has a lot of firewalls on it, McAfee (suprise suprise)isn't listed. McAfee and Norton have a hate-hate relationship.

    I remember when i had about 2 weeks when on 95 to run on norton antivirus and bought a suite from McAfee , antivirus, oil change, system cleaner etc..

    It made sure it removed Norton.

    Other antivirus i run (bit defender) don't do that.