Securing a folder in Windows Xp

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by dreamworks, Nov 3, 2004.

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    Hi guys ..

    I am looking for a software or a method that I could use to secure a folder on my notebook. Meaning to say there are some files which are confidential and I need to ensure only the right people can see 'em, but because sometimes some of my friends also use my notebook, so I need to ensure the folder is able to be locked or hidden from common eyes.

    Any solutions please? Also, wouldn't mind if its freeware though. :)

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    Heh, i can only imagine :D, just dont let them use your computer....:)
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    One way to do it would be to use XP's EFS feature. Create one user account for yourself, and a separate account for your friends. Once you login to your account, right click all the folders you want to make private, select "Advanced" and check the "Encrypt contents to secure data" option.

    (Note that this is only available on XP Pro)
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    just do what everyone else does.. hide it within many folders.. and hope your friends dont know how to use the *.avi (ect.) ;) in search lol

    it seems im posting just to post tonight.. sory im not being more helpful. acually i do have one thing Tweak Xp can lock a folder with a password and you have to use tweak Xp to unlock it. (only away around it is using command prompt but tweak gives you the option of disabling it something i woudnt do since i use i frequently)
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    If you have separate login accounts setup with passwords and your hard drive is formatted NTFS, then any files that are in your My Documents folder or subfolders are not accessable to the other users.