Secure Delete by Defragment

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by WiredBrain, Feb 22, 2003.

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    I know that deleted files can be retrieved using software but I heard that by defragmenting our drive, they cannot be restored. Is this true?
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    sometimes they could sometimes they couldn't

    no, your files are not neccessarily secure by virtue of defrag
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    WiredBrain as dealer says a defrag will not provide a way of securely deleting files.

    Even commercial wiping software is not 100% guareteed to remove the data as MIT tests have showen it can still be recovered even after heavy software wiping and even degaussing.

    The NSA did a test, they wiped at DoD standard multiple times, then sat a magnet on it for a couple of days, degaussed it, took it apart and smashed it with a hammer, they were still able to recover 80% of the original data!

    However with wiping up to Guttmann 32 pass standards its very hard to recover any data without the use of a very expencive and time consuming process by which they read the data of the platters with special equiptment, i think they do analysis of the indentations left on the platter or something.

    If you want to take advantage of secure wipe software i suggest you check out this page:

    My personel recommedation would be BCWipe.

    You may find this guys method interesting:

    Anyway, simply no defrag does not remove deleted data! And as you can see commerical software is not the end of the story :)