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Discussion in 'Web Design & Coding' started by o0_Enigma_0o, Aug 15, 2006.

  1. o0_Enigma_0o

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    Hi guys

    Thanks for looking...

    I want to make search engine... is there any "free" software that will use PHP etc to make it work on a webiste?

    I have basic knowlege of PHP and SQL etc etc but I really want a search engine..

    Im not trying to become the next google.. or yahoo.. but I would like it to search the entire web.
    is it possible or am i just stupid?

    Cheers Guys

  2. celticfan11

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    Vernon, CT
    why would you want to do this? just curious
  3. Weasel

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    Check out HotScrips' PHP search engines section. You'll have to sift through some crap but there are some true gems on that site. You might have a problem finding a true web search engine (most are designed solely for the website the script is used on) simply because running a spider to scan the web requires a huge amount of bandwidth and resources.
  4. o0_Enigma_0o

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    Hi Guys,

    i answer to celticfan11, I was just looking into making a search engine that would run like google... just so i can learn how it works etc... I just like to play :)

    In reply to Weasel:
    Thanks mate, I will have a look at the scripts, i didnt know that it would require so much bandwitdh.

    On another note...

    Would it be possible to make a search engine that searches other website..

    idea one.. <-- like this...


    Idea 2...

    Searching for things like torrents...
    From my website user could search for a item... my website would check lets say 10 other websites and then return the user the results...?

    Thanks guys...

    PS. I dont use torrent's or download "free" software... i think its wrong.
    Its just the same sort of thing im trying to do :)