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    At the moment my XP 2.4 system is running on a 1024 Mb SDRAM.Thinking of upgrading to 1024 DDR PC 2100 (my m/board can go only at 266) What I want to know is will there be just SOME difference or going to be a BIG difference ? Because if it's going to be ...then I'll upgrade it.Thanks
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    Can your board take DDR ram as well? What cpu is it? When you say "my XP 2.4 system", do you mean XP 2400+ or p4 2.4? In any case, going to ddr should be a fairly big difference because of the high fsb of newer cpu's. You want to try and match the fsb of the cpu to the speed of the ram.
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    Yes, it will accept DDRs but 266 (PC 2100)may go maximum to 2 Gbs.My CPU is AMD Atlon 2.4 Ghz...if there is a big difference I don't even mind upgrading to the max - 2 Gbs.
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    Since your MB is only 266 fsb and supports both sdram and ddr it sounds like one of the older ali or SIS chipsets.

    The difference in memory bandwandth between sdram and ddr is double at least more if the sdram was 100. How much of that you will see depends on what you use the computer for.

    Gaming - you'll see some difference but it depends on the video card. If card has enough memory to store all the textures in the vid card the improvement will be low.

    Office applications - You won't see much here either. The 1 gig RAM is already buffering the applications and data.

    Video or photo editing, file compression, etc- you will see the most improvement.

    Just going from sdram to ddr is not goign to give you a big bost in most cases. Spending the money on a video upgrade may be a better investment.

    Post your full system specs. vid, mb chipset, proc type P$, AMD, etc.
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    What multiplier/fsb are you running that athlon at? I'd be looking at getting a new motherboard and some pc3500 ram instead of 2GB of pc2100, with a cpu running that fast. Even with pc2100, the ram will be a bottleneck. What motherboard do you have?
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    My Specs :
    Athlon 2.4
    Biostar M7VIW
    1024 Mb SDRAM
    Matrox g 450 dual head
    nVidia PCI 64 Mb video card
    DVD drive
    CD drive
    80 X 1 HDD
    40 X 1 HDD
    3 monitors
    I'm not into gaming...more into website building, graphics (Photoshops etc) video editing...and normal surfing..please tell me more...should I upgrade ?? Thanks