Scsi 2920 under XP

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by dimanast, Jul 4, 2002.

  1. dimanast

    dimanast Guest

    hello 2 all
    i can't make my adaptec scsi 2920 to work under windows xp
    does anyone has an idea of what to do?

    the conf . is
    msi k7t 266 pro 2 ru
    ati all in wonder 128
    sound blaster live!
    intel pila
    <B>scsi 2920</B>

    under Win2k works fine
  2. Dick Johnson

    Dick Johnson Guest


    XP has the built in drivers for all of the 2900 series host cards. Try going to Adaptec web site and see if there are later drivers. Need more info: Does it show in "Device Manager" under "scsi & raid controllers"? If it does show but a device connected to it doesn't work?
  3. dimanast

    dimanast Guest

    when the win recognizes the card says" there is an internal error during setup" or something like that.
    i tried to set it up manualy by using the future domain scsi card driver ( like in windows 2k) but the problem still goes ...