Screen Capture and Paint, combo or two programs?

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by markpart, Sep 10, 2002.

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    I need one program that does both Screen Capture and Paint, or one program for Screen Capture and another for Paint that work well together. I have looked at a few basic paint programs that would also capture a screen—they had to be better than MS Paint but not as big as Photoshop. I was using “Ctrl,” “Print Screen,” and MS Paint—too many steps. I am now using “Capture Professional v5.03a” Has anyone used this program or another paint program that does both capture and paint? I also looked a lot at “HyperSnap-DX,” “Snagit,” or “ClipMate”, but there extra features where geared more toward video than paint—any one know of a medium sized paint program that works well with either of these three Screen Capture programs?
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    One post is plenty.
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    & still the answer is paint shop pro
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    A good FREE 32-Bit graphic viewer Program is IrfanView .

    It has a good Capture program as well. You can run slide shows. You can also save a file in a lot of different file formats.

    As far as Paint Programs; I can't help you.