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    A Gendarme spots a hire car approaching the Champs Elysees with a rear light out. He beckons the driver to pull over, which he does and winds his window down. The Officer has a good look inside the car and notices that the driver and passenger are conjoined twins, Boaby & Davy from Glasgow.

    Instead of making an issue over the light out situation he begins to engage in some friendly chat.

    Gendarme: Ah, you are on holiday my friends?

    Davy: Aye, that's right big yin.
    We've been coming every September weekend for the last 9 years.

    Gendarme: So I guess you come to France to get away from ze rainy
    weather you have in Ecosse?

    Davy: Naw, it nearly always pishes doon when we come here.
    Your weather's nae better than oors, in't that right Boaby?

    Boaby: Aye.

    Gendarme: Zen I take it you are here to enjoy our delicious French food.

    Davy: Naw, yer food's rotten big man, everything reeks of garlic. We've
    brought a box full of pieces to avoid eating your crap.

    Gendarme: Zen you must be here to drink our famous wines and cognac,

    Davy: Yer swally's ****e, we've hid tae bring a kerry oot.
    In't that right Boaby?

    Boaby: Aye.

    Gendarme (by now ever so slightly bemused): Well in that case you must
    be here to see the Parisienne madamoiselles, ze most beautiful women in

    Davy: Yer kiddin in't ye!
    The burds here are dogs, ah widnae touch them wae yours big yin.

    Gendarme (by now rather irate): Zen why do you people come to our
    country if everysing ees so bad?

    Boaby: It's the only chance oor Davy gets tae drive!
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    Hah, oh that's bad. :p
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    new york
    took me a few seconds to realize the fun

    I like those