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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by rjack22, Feb 5, 2002.

  1. rjack22

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    I am trying to schedule a disk defrag using the Scheduled Tasks wizard. I have tried four times and it is not working.

    Disk Defragmenter is not on the drop down menu in the wizard but it does allow me to browse for it, which I did.

    Then I proceeded to set the time for the task to take place. Finished up the wizard okay. But the task never happened. At least not to my knowledge. I never saw anything happening and there was never any acknowledgment that it was completed. I did run the defrag manually after the first attempt failed. The rest of my attempts may not have happened since the drive did not *need* defraging, I don't know.

    And another thing, there were no options on how to run the defrag, such as which drive, etc.

    Can anyone help me with this?
  2. Lonman

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    Get yourself a copy of Diskeeper 7.0. It has a 'set it and forget it' feature that works very well.

    I'm not sure why defrag isn't performing it's 'scheduled' task. If it is, it will show up in your event viewer logs.
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    Ditto Norton System Works 2002