Schedule Tasks Without User Logged On?

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Killfox, Feb 19, 2003.

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    Anyone know if its possible to schedule Tasks to run (Defrag, NAV, whatever) without having a user logon?

    Since schedule runs as a service (with startup set to automatic and logon set to 'local system'), one would assume that schedule service begins running when the computer is started, regardless of whether or not anyone logs on. Since the task is set up to run with an administrator logon complete with password, one would assume that since the schedule service is running, at the scheduled time it would logon as the designated user and run the task.

    But it's not - I must be missing something ...

    -schedule service is running, set to automatic, log on as 'local system'
    -task is scheduled to run under an user account which is an administrator
    -task is scheduled to run under an user account with a password
    -task itself is legit as it will run when executed directly
    -task schedule setup is valid as it will run IF I remain logged on
    -Event log shows nothing
    -task log shows no attempt to run the task
    -task status is 0x0, but that is irrelevant since 'time last run' reveals it was not run at all


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    Ok I would imagine if you logged on and set up a scheduled task to run at a specific time then it would logged on or not, my server is never logged on but runs all the internet services and network protocals. it will do norton antivirus scan every day at 12pm and that ain't logged on so yea if you schedule it it will run.