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  1. i have a canon scaner and i want to scan some pictures.

    there's a DPI setting i can go from 25 to 9600. what does it do when i change it? it was 75 by default, i think i usually scan at 150 DPI. what dpes ot actually change when i increse/decrease DPI. cuz when i increase it, it seems that image comes out bigger.
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    DPI = Dots per inch. When you increase the DPI the quality of the picture increases. This is the reason for the size increase. The lower the DPI the lower the quality which in turn decreases the size.

    Hope that helps.
  3. what if i try to print out the picture later on. will there be difference in size compared to original picture?
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    i havent used scanners to much but im pretty sure the "size" bruce_ers00 was referring to was how much space the picture will take up on your hard drive not the actual size of the for the DPI setting the higher it is the better image quality will be
  5. well i do know that higher dpi takes up more space. i just want to know now if i scan same picture at 75dpi and at 150dpi and try to print out both of them will 75dpi pic be smaller then original and 150dpi be larger then original? or it will be same size just different quality?
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    I have a cannon scanner and use Photo Studio 2000 SE - which I believe came with the scanner - if I remember correctly, the size and orientation (ie landscape or whatever) of the picture is controlled in the printing program. - I believe the higher the dpi the less grainy the pic - especially on larger pics.

    But it has been a long while since I did anything in this area - so I may be wrong!