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Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by muttznutz, Jan 18, 2002.

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    Hello Iv'e got a Factory Pre-installed Win Xp works fine, all I am after is a little advice on a good compatible scanner to purchase, I will mainly be doing graphic design orianted work but it would be nice to able to scan a pice of printed work and it converts it to a text/word doc., I have been advised that such scanners exist.

    Always worked with scanners supplied through work but never really gone out and bought one myself.

    Buget is £150 top end.

    P.S I am seeking out of the box ready to go scanner not interest in really chasing after patches,or add ondrivers to get the thing going.

    Any advice recieved with thanks

    The Mutt.:confused: :confused: :confused: :confused:
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    I have a Umax astra scan and thats 100% plug and play with windows xp ( no driver needed) all you do is install the ocr software and away you go..

    Check out Microsofts Windows Catalogue and look at compatable Scanners see what takes your fancy, most of them come with ocr software (scan to text).

    Link Below

    Microsofts windows catalogue