SB4100 Cable modem

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Eolis, Jun 21, 2002.

  1. Eolis

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    Does anyone here have the internal page address for the SB4100?? It's where you can check the signal, log, etc....

    Starts with 192.???.???.???
  2. Eolis

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  3. dejav00

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    I dunno man lol...

    I would try

    It's pretty standard, but, hey...if that doesn't work, you can brute force it, there are only 16,581,375 possible combinations of

  4. Lonman

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    I'm not sure if this will display the info you want, but you can open a command window and type in 'ipconfig /all' and see if that will display what you're looking for.
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    Re: ...

    Thought that was it, but it wasn't. I need to be able to reset the modem to factory specs. Helps it out sometimes. Cox gave it to me one time, just can't find where I put it. Oh, well........

    Thanks anyways........
  6. Eolis

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    Onlline was REEEEAAAAALLL slow awhile ago, and thought I'd try to reset the modem settings, but all the sudden everything is back up to speed. Must have been COX, although I'm sure they wouldn't fess up to it....:p
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    the internal configuration page for surfboards is
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    That's the ticket......Thanks.........:D

    You don't work for COX, do you??:eek:


    Close, Dejav00