SB Live! Value [WDM]

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by existenz, Dec 2, 2001.

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    I went to the Soundblaster website to get the new drivers.

    If i have SB Live! Value [WDM], do i get the SB Live! Value drivers? or is there a special one for [WDM].

    (too lazy to open my case and look at my sound card :))
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    2 problems...
    first the drivers on the creative site actually caused a problem so drastic on my win2k box that I couldn't fix it.. even driver roll back didn't help... that is why I am using xp now :p

    The new drivers from microsoft.. if you do the win update... cause the 4 speaker system on my box not to work. Had to go back to the originals.. I say if the sound drivers arn't broke don't fix em.
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    SB Live Card

    I downloaded the new drivers from Creative today. When I got them installed, I noticed that all 4 of my fps2000 speakers were working!

    I figured i'd updated windows too, so when I updated windows, it stated theres new drivers (again) for my card. I installed those, and then the 4 speakers didn;t work anymore. WHat's the deal? Why would MS run an update that was older then the newer drivers?

    Why are the creative drivers not logo cert?

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    Do you think anyone has actually read the license agreement at the Creative download site?
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    I installed the latest SBLive drivers, and the sblive stuff from the windows update site disappeared.