SB Live Value Problems

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by cdeste, Mar 8, 2002.

  1. cdeste

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    I recently purchased a Soundblaster Live! Value because my old sound card wasnt very compatible with xp. I know the SB Live is compatible becuase i know several people that use it with xp, but when i put it in my pc all i get is static. Ive tried 3 different pci slots, uninstalled it a couple times and used drivers from microsoft and creative labs. I am also set in Standard PC mode. Any ideas on what the problem may be?
  2. Sinster

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    Once you find out the problem let me know. I have the same problem. Only with EAX enabled. In fact to really be honest with you it only happens in Half Life.

    Have you downloaded the lastest drivers?
  3. mousetap

    mousetap Guest

    can u give us a list of hardwares in ur computer...?
  4. cdeste

    cdeste Guest

    i have:

    PIII 450
    256 MB Ram
    TNT2 Ultra
    Plextor 24/10/40
    Intel Mobo
    SB Live! Value
    IBM 15gb 5400 / 60gb 7200
  5. jonocainuk

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    ive got the same soundcard in my system, and it works fine.

    my system spec is
    PIII 750
    QDI BrillianX 1S/2000 (Intel 440BX Chipset)
    384mb RAM
    Geforce 2mx 32mb
    Pioneer 16x DVD Slot
    Plextor 16x10x40x
    Promise Ultra100 TX/2
    Some natty NIC
    Quantum 30gb

    i only posted to see if my spec compared to his spec could minimise some of the possible problems? (i.e. both got intel chipsets an so it might not be that? etc)
  6. acetken

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    It works fine on mine as well.

    AMD Tbird 700
    Asus K7V
    SB Live! Value
    GeForce 2 Ti
    384 MB SDRAM
    16x Pioneer DVD
  7. firehawk

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    Your speaker output may be set to digital instead of analog or vice versa. Set it to whatever your speakers are. The setting is burried deep somewhere under the volume controls.
  8. evilhomer

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    had the same problem

    change PCI slots of the card.