Samurai Masters

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    Samurai Masters

    There was an American who decided to take a trip to Japan for vacation.

    He was walking around taking in the sites when he came upon a Japanese
    man dressed in clothing he'd never seen before. He approached this man
    and asked him why he wore such unusual clothing.

    The Japanese guy replied "I'm #3 Samurai." The American said, "#3
    Samurai, what's that mean?" So the #3 Samurai asked the American, "Would
    you like demonstration?." The American stepped back to watch the
    demonstration. The #3 Samurai opened a small pouch on his belt and out
    comes a fly. As the fly took off he drew his sword and made two swipes
    cutting the fly into half.

    The American was simply amazed by this and asked if there was a #2
    Samurai since he was #3. The #3 Samurai replied "Yes, would you like to
    meet him and see demonstration?"

    The American was curious now and agreed to meet the #2 Samurai.

    The #3 Samurai takes him to see #2 Samurai and tells the Samurai the
    Amerian wanted a demonstration. The American steps back to watch. He,
    too, has a pouch on his belt. He opens it and out comes a fly, about
    that time he draws his sword and made two swipes cutting the fly in to 4

    The American is totally bewildered and blown away by such skill and
    precision.... then he wonders if there is a #1 Samurai and what could he
    do to make him #1. So, he asks #2 Samurai if there is a #1 and could he
    give a demonstration. The Samurai agrees and takes him to meet the #1
    Samurai for a demonstration. Just like the other Samurais he, too, has a
    pouch on his belt. He opens the pouch and releases a fly as the fly
    takes off #1 Samurai draws his sword and makes two swipes except this
    time the fly flew away.

    The American walks up to the #1 Samurai and says, "You must be having a
    bad day because you missed."

    The #1 Samurai said, "No miss, fly can no longer have family."
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    was that a nutshot?? :p
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    Rofl, excellent :p