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    I have a Radeon 9000 pro and a ATI TV Wonder Pro TV tuner inside my computer and i try to hook up my Xbox to my TV Tuner using the ATI Input Adapter it came with (the purple box). Now using the composite mode on the ATI TV on my computer, the Xbox havs a slight lag of a little less than a second which doesn't sound like much, however it is impossible to play games on. Thus then i thought maybe its becuase the video might be slowing down so i have an S-video cable that is connect to the Input Adapter into the A/V In on my Radeon 9000 video card. When i go into S-Video mode on my TV it shows a complete mirror image of whats on my computer, so, its like a picture inside a picture. The S-Video mode is showing whats on my screen into the S-Video mode. When i move my mouse in the S-Video mode it shows my desktop moving my mouse as if my computer is using my monitor as a monitor in S Video mode. However i can still hear the sounds on my Xbox being played while i see my desktop in thsi mode. How do i stop it from mirroring my desktop of my computer in S Video mode instead, showing my Xbox game's images.

    (All drivers are updated)

    It looks like this: http://www.freewebs.com/r3m1x6/
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    you are using 2 connections for the xbox, that is why you are seeing lag.
    1. either unhook the s video to the 9000, and use the tv tuner feed, or
    2. feed it directly to the 9000, bypassing the tv tuner.

    The reason you are seeing a mirror is you are using both cards to look at the same picture, hence the lag