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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Nick718, Jan 31, 2002.

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    Ok, i'm currently running XP Pro, which I installed over 98. I'm having lots of problems, so I decided to do a reinstall of XP, but reformat first and do a clean install. I was thinking though, If i'm going to go to the trouble to do all this, I might as well install 98 SE as well so I can resolve some compatability issues, I still have lots of 98 software that wont work in XP. What I need is help doing this. I know it requires a partition. My HD is a 20 gig, how much would I partition for 98, and how does the whole thing work? I need to know everything from actually partitioning, to installing both, to setting up both, and how each is selected and such. Please help guys, everyone here is awsome with this sort of stuff.
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    Right, all quite simple really.
    Firstly, you need about 1 gig for 98 (if you're going to install applications as well), and you need anything over 2 gig for XP (if you want some comfort space) these are lower/minimum sizes.
    Install 98 normally to your first (C:\) partition as normal.
    Then run your XP CD from within 98, specifying you want to install XP to your next partition (D:\) and that it is a clean install, as opposed to over the top of 98. The rest is fairly self explanatory. XP will put a little boot menu in for you, so you have the choice which OS you boot etc. but remember that there will be files in drive C:\ that XP depends on, so don't trash it!!

    good luck, and if you need any more help, or if my explanation was as clear as thick mud (as is the norm), there are many here to help you.

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    Ok, I just need clerification on a few things. First off, how do I do thae actual partioning? Secondly, iI already have another HD which i want to keep as a storage HD, no OS. If i make a partition, will it make the two partitions C and D, and change the second HD to E automaticaly? Finally, how much space should each partition be? C will have 98 and D will have XP, but which one do I leave the majority of space to? I have 20 gig HD so if you could give me an estimate on how big each partition should be that would be cool. Also, when you are running one OS or the other, can you still run files off the other partition, such as videos and mp3s and such?
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    Check out this article for help with partitioning and formatting:;EN-US;q255867
    Yes, and to be on the safe side (if you have a lot of stuff on the drive right now) unplug your storage drive so there won't be any 'accidents.'
    When you use fdisk, you'll be able to choose a percentage... I'd give 5 to 7% to the primary (C:\) partition, and leave the rest for XP.
    Yes, as long as you format both partitions in fat32. 98 can't 'see' ntfs.