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    Ok guys and gals I need your expertise. I have been running Windows 98SE for years with no problems until a few months ago so I finally installed the full version of XP HE. I have been playing Return To Castle Wolfenstein MP for a couple of years now when I was running 98 my ping online was 60 - 95 usually never over 100. Now with XP I am getting ping from 200 - 600. Very big difference in perormance. I have taken steps to free up system resources, downloaded the latest drivers for my cable modem but nothing seems to work. Can anyone help?

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    do you use a router/firewall of any kind?

    I noticed when I went from win2k to win XP that my pings flew up and it was something buggered with teh firewall :)

    I messed around.. forwarded the appropriate ports for the server and BOOM... all fixed...

    might work for you... if you have a firewall of any kind..

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    I use Zone Alarm Pro and I cannot seem to find where to input specific ports on the program.
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    Pun1sher make certain that all your XP built in firewalls are turned off for lan and your internet connection and just stick with your zonealarm,

    You can quit the xp firewall by getting your lan or internet connection up > then properties > then advanced tab> then untick "protect my computer and network by limiting or preventing access from the internet"


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    Already disabled Skazz. Thanks!