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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Psyborg, Sep 21, 2003.

  1. Psyborg

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    Sorry bout this, but I think I forgot to attach pic last time :confused:

    OK, how do I get back the logon credentials for the service ? It will not allow me to change the service in any way! I cant stop, start etc :mad:
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    Next time you can just 'edit' your orginal post and add the image :)

    The other thread has been deleted
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    That is just the default behaviour. You can not change it.
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    OK, here goes:

    It all started with that damned blaster worm,

    I set it to restart the service, then I deleted the logon credentials stuff "NT_AUTHORITY\Services ..." and the password. Now I am stuck because the credentials dont seem to be there any more, EVEN AFTER A FRESH INSTALL formatted as NTFS instead of FAT32 !!! It is also running RPC as a LOCAL service ! That HAS to be wrong! Just look at the logon credentials for the RPC Locator service and you'll see what I mean.

    Oh yeah, how does msn keep my settings?? I downloaded msn 6 and viewing contacts by groups, fine, then I renamed one of the groups.

    After a FRESH install I was back to msn 4.7, I downloaded and nstalled man 6 again, changed to group view and this time, I didnt have to rename the contacts group because it was already renamed !
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    The settings displayed in your screenshot are correct, the same as mine:

  6. Psyborg

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    Thanx Enyo,

    I feel a bit more relieved now, I was just about to do ANOTHER fresh install, just to be sure!

    I just really like messin round with EVERYTHING in windows, I was beginning to think xp had some way of remembering settings even after zero-ing the hard drive! How nuts is that ??

    Oh yeah, on an IBM 60gb hd, why will xp only let me format it as NTFS, and then if I change the jumpers to 32gb clip, it gives me a choice of NTFS or FAT32 formatting ???

    I know I ask a lotta questions, I know you guys cant answer them all, so thanks again for your help Enyo, and keep up the great work on the site!
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    Nice 1 Enyo :) I'd forgotten how good this site was, waaay back ages ago ( bin workin a lot since :-( )