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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by kevin gould, Aug 21, 2002.

  1. kevin gould

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    I have easy cd creator and a philip cdd3610. I have gone through all the Roxio updates to make this work with XP Pro but now get the error that Roxio Direct CD Kernel is already being used.

    I have also noticed that green CD light flashes on and off with the hard drive.

    Cannot find any way to update the CDD3610.

    If all else fails I will use Nero, its just that I like easy cd.

    Help, suggestions, ideas ??
  2. beatlesdb

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    What version of the software are you using? you may need to re-install the OS (as I did) if you intend on using Nero as Easy CD Creator has a nasty habbit of destroying your ASPI drivers (re-intalling the Apspi drivers does not help) and generally cause all sorts of issues under XP - you may even find that after un-intalling Easy CD that you CD roms dissapear.

    Try un-installing Easy CD - re-intall it without the Direct CD option - do all the up-dates - then install the lates Direct CD.

    Personally I like Easy CD's ease of use - but found Nero not only more reliable, but also makes perfect Mp3 to Audio CD's :)
  3. GT2000

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    Cannot really offer any help with roxio, as my drive isn't supported by it right now (unless that's changed recently), however, I had a Philips 24x12x40x a few months back, lasted a month before going crazy on me, so I updated the firmware that I found off a website, the firmware was still linked to Philips site at the time, but the firmware killed my drive all the way, although firmware upgrades void warranty I called them up anyways to find out why they had that shat firmware up there, they said it shouldn't have been, as it was *removed* a couple months previous to the call.

    Look under Rare CDR Firmware

    there's 2 versions, hopefully there's a newer one than what you're currently running.