Routers Firewall get in the way?

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Pythro, Aug 20, 2002.

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    I am thinking about setting up a 2 computer network with a linksys 4 port router, but I am afraid the routers firewall will limit the sites I can go to. I also play alot of online games. So I am just wondering if I the firewall will get in the way.
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    Most routers have an option of setting up one of the computers as a DMZ host in the router config.
    This option puts a particular computer on the network in a Demilitarized Zone (DMZ). If that option is enabled, the router firewall won't affect that particular computer.
    When you're done playing the game, all you gotta do is uncheck the box next to the DMZ host field and the computer is protected by the firewall again. :)
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    i use the same router and the only trouble i had was when using cuseeme.....i play cs alot with no troubles with yahoo troubles with any p2p
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    The firewall won't limit the site access unless you tell it to.
  5. i have the linksys BEFSR41 router (4 port) and it has not limited me in any way - i use MSN messenger, file transfer, internet, CS, ftp, and everything i would have without it, and none of it has been detered by the firewall. it does however provide an excellent level of protection. i recommend it.
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    Actually, hardware firewalls don't effect line speed/connection like many software firewalls.
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    Hello guys, I just bought the Linksys Router you speak of and love it so far. I have however encountered a few minor problems I guess. I can't sent files thru Yahoo Messenger but I can receive. I can't do DCC SENDS/CHATS thru mIRC. I have Sygate Personal Firewall running along side the router, could this cause a problem. Using the software firewall more as a safeguard about what's going out I know the router is taking care of what comes in probably better than my software firewall.

    The great thing I like about this router is it's great for a newbie to networking cuz I didnt have to manually set my programs. I thought I would have to enter a different IP, like with a proxy, but it seems to be autoconfigured unless I am doing something wrong? Should the router hide my IP or not? I would appreciate any and all help in setting up my router and making sure I also have it set so it makes me as secure as possible.
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    dont i need to open ports on my router first? if so this i am not sure how to do?
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  11. contender - i was unable to do messenger file transfers when i bought my linksys, but i downloaded the latest firmware and now it works. :) also, they have improved the firewall with the new firmware... hth.
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    i checked and i have the latest firmware. i also did a test and msn works fine! it's just yahoo messenger for sending files and mIRC for doing DCC SENDS/CHATS that i am having problems with so far. i have not come across anything else. i am able to receive files thru mIRC!